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Strong partnerships and a commitment to excellence have helped Summit Farms to excel as a producer of high-quality commercial beef. At our cattle feeding and purebred breeding operations, we specialize w88.comin raising high quality beef and in cultivating award-winning breeder stock through careful genetic selection and with superior attention to commercial goals.

In addition to being longstanding participants in the national Beef Quality Assurance Program, we ensure the quality of our beef by selectively breeding and raising our cattle to attain the perfectly balanced gene expressions that make beef cattle stock from Summit Farms among the most economically relevant and sought-after w88 mobile loginin the nation. Our intensive selection and backgrounding processes were designed specifically to identify and isolate traits deemed to be most valuable for performance in the pasture, feed yard or rail. The result is a healthy, commercially viable animal that will leave a lasting impression on your herd.


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A new global demand for animal protein has made pork production one of the world’s most vital food markets, with farmers in the United States producing and exporting more pork than any other country each year. In helping w88 betting websiteto meet this demand, Summit Farms is working alongside the nation’s top pork producers to encourage healthy, beneficial production practices.

We work directly with leading national pig integrators to identify suitable locations and oversee the design, construction and maintenance of modern, value-added facilities that promote beneficial production practices. As part of our commitment to our partners’ success, we provide ongoing facility upgrades and management services to ensure that w88 Live Casinoevery operational detail works properly to feed a growing world.


Purebred Cattle Breeding

Summit Charolais & Red Angus is Summit Farm’s purebred breeding operation located on nearly 6,000 acres of pasture near Hubbard, Iowa. The Summit Farms battery includes some of the world’s most recognized and demanded Charolais pedigrees.


Energy Efficiency

Summit Farms has erected three wind turbines to help power our offices and two of our hog sites. Together they are capable of producing more than 120 kilowatts of electricity, w88 mobile loginreducing our reliance on natural resources and promoting energy efficiency in our operations.


Promoting Animal Welfare

Summit Farms insists on operating under the highest standards for animal welfare. All-Summit owned and managed facilities provide humane living conditions, nutritious feed and fresh, potable water, resulting in healthier animals and greater purchasing confidence for our buyers.